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Big Al's Intelligent PWM (iPWM) 2s-6s wo/pot

Big Al's Intelligent PWM (iPWM) 2s-6s wo/pot

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Big Al's 6s Intelligent PWM (iPWM) board has many of the features of the most advanced regulators at a fraction of the cost!
This version does NOT have a 1K pot on the board, it must be purchased separately.

- Built in Voltmeter Switch - Switch the voltmeter display from output voltage to battery voltage with no extra components.
- Silent PWM - PWM switches at 25 KHz, resulting in a more accurate voltmeter reading and no buzzing sound.
- Works with up to 6s batteries!
- Favorites Setting - Store your most-used pot setting and recall it at any time.
- 5 Click on/off - Turn the device on and off using the fire button.
- Low battery cutoff - Automatically detects the battery configuration (2s to 6s) and shuts off if the battery gets too low.
- Reverse Polarity Protection - Board is not damaged if the batteries are installed backwards.
- On Board LED Indicator - Feedback and status are given by a bi-color LED right on the board
- Temperature Protection - Board will shut down if it gets too hot
- 180A PFET on Board - Uses Big Al's 180A PFET (included on board). Maximum recommended current 60A